About Me

I am Peiqing Chen, a first year PhD student in Electronic Computer Engineering department in Boston University with my advisor Prof. Zaoxing Liu. My research interests focus on systems and theory, especially networked systems. I am thankful for all the people that have helped me, especially my parents and my dear mentors Prof. Tong Yang and Prof. Junchen Jiang.


Peiqing Chen, Dong Chen, Lingxiao Zheng, Jizhou Li, Tong Yang. Out of ManyWe are One: Measuring Item Batch with Clock-Sketch. ACM SIGMOD 2021 link

Peiqing Chen, Yuhan Wu*, Tong Yang, Junchen Jiang, Zaoxing Liu. Precise Error Estimation for Sketch-based Flow Measurement. ACM IMC 2021 link

Design Project

PKU Ranking, Peiqing Chen, Zikun Li, Yuquan Gao. Instructor: Kaigui Bian


Peiqing Chen Resume